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Chef Wan New House...WOW!

Property developers and their top executives are always on the look-out for the next hot concept but unfortunately, most of them take the easy way out by copying each other’s ideas.

However, that may not be necessarily be a bad idea in itself, if they take the trouble to understand, adapt and improve on such concepts.

What were at one time novel and innovative concepts, such as SoHo units, concierge service, private lift lobby, integrated development and Green certification, have become common these days. Judging from completed projects of certain developers and the upcoming development of others, one might say, there have been and will be, hits and misses.

Thus, property buyers and investors have to be on a constant vigil in their mission to buy a choice property and not fall for fancy promises of the sales and marketing team that don’t really add up.

One senior executive of a top property group pointed out that so-called “integrated developments” are not really integrated at all.

It is now fashionable for property developments to be touted as “integrated” but what really does it mean? Such a concept may allude to the fact that when you live in such a development, you can literally work, play and entertain within your self-contained neighbourhood.

But is there a real mall, hypermarket or even a supermarket within the development or a cineplex to catch the latest movie on a wide-screen cinema hall? Small-scale retail outlets and boutiques don’t count. For example, a certain mixed development in KL is being built near a mall with a “link” to it. “But is this development really integrated,” asked the sceptical chief operating officer, “And they are charging over RM1,000 per square foot.”
Chef Wan’s new Garden Residence home in Cyberjaya will have plenty of space to ensure his privacy.

Chef Wan
Speaking of investment, while visiting Mah Sing Group’s property roadshow held at the Equatorial Hotel near their South Bay City project, I had the chance to chat with a celebrity who bought a house for over RM3mil while promoting Mah Sing’s property at the Shangri-La Hotel in KL recently. The last leg of the roadshow will be in Johor Baru at the KSL Hotel from June 30-July 1.

Chef Redzuawan Ismail who is popularly known as Chef Wan, needed no prompting to talk about his latest property acquisition.

The 3½-storey detached house is one of 69 “limited edition homes” in the Aspen Garden Residence project in Cyberjaya. The corner unit spans 7,800sq ft and the land area is 6,500sq ft. It comes with a lift and has a large entertainment space on the rooftop garden. The house will be ready early next year as the developer will customise the unit to fit Chef Wan’s specifications.

Said Chef Wan: “I have been looking for a house for sometime. And Cyberjaya will be ideal for my new home as it is only minutes away from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. In my line of work, I am always flying in and out of the country.”

The rooftop garden of the Aspen houses offer a spacious area to entertain guests. It is even equipped with a Jacuzzi. Note the actual view of the surrounding greenery in the neighbourhood.

The celebrity said he had considered Bukit Jelutong in Shah Alam as well as Country Heights in Kajang but he didn’t fancy those houses there for various reasons.

“What I like about Mah Sing’s houses is that they don’t cut corners. There is plenty of space on the different levels. Relatives can come and stay and I will still have plenty of privacy. Also, the 69 units are uniformly elegant in architectural design without jarring monstrosities in the neighbourhood,” explained Chef Wan.

“I particularly like the rooftop garden space. As I like to throw parties and entertain my friends, it will be ideal.”

The chef who admitted to being a shopaholic, added that after 26 years in the business, he could afford to splurge on his new home. He turns 55 in January.

“I need plenty of wardrobe space as I have shoes like Imelda Marcos and lots of travel bags and watches,” said Chef Wan candidly, as he dangled his RM8,000 Ferragamo sling bag.

He also needs kitchen space and a large dining room to showcase his collection of bone china and other tableware that he has collected from around the world on his many assignments.

One of his requests to the developer is to change the timber flooring of the upper levels to marble. When told that it could be a bit “cold” to the overall ambience of the house, Chef Wan quipped that he has plenty of rugs and Persian carpets to put on the floor.

And when he moves into his new home early next year, Chef Wan will give his 3,000sq ft penthouse in Ampang to his son, Chef Mond Nadzri Redzuawan, better known as Chef Riz who is married to an actress.

Chef Wan requested the developer to change the timber flooring of the upper levels to marble.

And while talking of his “1 Market by Chef Wan” Asean food court project for Singapore Food Junction under LIPPO Corporation, one of the senior executives of Mah Sing suggested that he could do the same concept for another of the group’s property development in Bangi that spans 162ha (400 acres).

Chef Wan’s latest F&B project in a mall on Orchard Road, will encompass about 1,300sq m (14,000sq ft) of space and can seat 500 people. It will cost an estimated RM20mil (S$8mil) to materialise. It is scheduled to open in October.

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