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$ management skills for children

$ management skills for children

You can equip your children with money management skills to give them a head-start in life. Once they understand the importance and have mastered the skills of making ends meet, they can achieve financial independence at an early age. With that comes personal accountability for their actions. Your children’s financial independence would mean that you don’t have to watch over them so closely and you gain peace of mind. You can even help them to buy their own first house using their own money, to start being independent at an early age. Imagine what a great relief that would be!

You may think that your children are too young to learn money management skills, but the truth is that they're learning by watching how you deal with cash and credit cards, things that you buy and investments that you have. Take advantage of kids' built-in curiosity and advice them. After all, there is no difference between teaching your children money management skills and teaching them good manners, attitudes and values, reading and writing skills. It is all part of the daily communication with your children, and it takes you and your spouse to work as a team.

Remember that you and your spouse must adopt the right and effective teaching strategies and methods, with the same messages and intentions. Otherwise, your children will know who they can bully or take advantage of to get what they want without you realising it.

Toddlers − 2 to 3 years old
Toddlers may not be able to understand money, but they can certainly understand "stuff". By the age of two, the "gimmees" have probably already started. Instead of seeing these requests for toys and candy as a battle, see it as a chance to teach. Saying “No” to some of these requests shows toddlers that they can't always have what they want – a very valuable money lesson indeed because you are controlling the expectation of instant gratification at an early age. You introduce the concept of "later" by telling toddlers that they can't have what they want now, but wait and be patient to have it later or have it in the future. This sets the stage for lessons to manage instant gratification to avoid impulse spending and patience to save for big goals when your child is older.

Allah is always by your side, Insha Allah, Insha Allah, Insha Allah

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